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Website speed
for real users

Up&Fast shows you the metrics that matter for your users. Can they reach your shop? How quickly can they see your content? How long does the website load?

Lighthouse & Web Vitals

Up&Fast checks your Lighthouse scores and Web Vitals every hour. Be notified about performance drops before they impact your users or your search ranking. We track performance metrics that matter.

  • Run Lighthouse hourly

    Have Lighthouse Audits run automatically every hour. A new update made your website slower? Get an immediate alert!

  • Check Web Vitals

    Automatic checks let you know when your Web Vitals drop before they can impact your search ranking.

  • Alert when performance drops

    Receive alerts when your website performance drops below a defined threshold. Update gone wrong? Get a notification!

Uptime & Status Pages

Prove your service is reliable. Fully customizable status pages to display uptime and performance metrics for your websites. You decide what is displayed. Show your users you care.

  • Global uptime checks

    Up&Fast can check your website from around the world. Know if your website is down or slow in different parts of the world.

  • Status page builder

    Create a status page in seconds. You decide which metrics are shown to your users. Show them your service is reliable!

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Keeping an eye on performance helps...

  • Online Shops

    Automatically check different types of pages like product or category pages for structural problems. Faster websites make more money!

  • Online Services

    Prove to your customers that your service is reliable and fast - all day long. Discover issues that only happen at night or spikes during certain times of the day.

  • Professional Blogers

    Earning money writing content? Bad performance can negatively impact your users and search rankings. Do not let these issues ruin your hard work.

  • Agencies

    Maintain websites of multiple clients. Find performance issues with their websites. Send alerts to your team and theirs.

Launch companies

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Choose your notifications

You decide where you want your notifications to go: mail, Slack, SMS - we can even call you!

Access full reports

You have access to the complete Lighthouse reports we run for you. See all the details of the full report.

Intuitive but flexible

Up&Fast gets you running without technical knowledge but allows you to customize checks, status pages & notifications if you want to.

The face behind Up&Fast

“ I love chasing the perfect performance score & blazing fast websites. And I'll help you get there! Using this service you are also supporting a small, bootstrapped business.”

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