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Make sure your websites are

Ensure available and speedy websites. Get immediate alerts for downtimes or performance drops. Be reachable to your customers.

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Be on top of your website performance

Get alerts when your sites are down or become slow before your users complain.

Uptime Monitoring

When your website is down customers cannot purchase goods, clients not access information and readers not consume your content. We help you avoid that!

  • Downtime alerts

    Immediately receive alerts when your sites experience downtimes. Be the first to know when they are down and then recover!

  • Intiuitive but powerful interface

    No programming knowledge is required, but powerful customizations are possible. Start monitoring now!

  • Uptime check locations

    You can choose from which locations uptime checks should be performed. Tell us which locations matter to your customers and we got you covered.

Status page showing uptime monitoring statistics

Performance Monitoring

Small drops in performance can have large impacts on customers. They bounce, abandon their shopping carts or just get annoyed. Let's prevent this together!

  • Optimize load times

    Up&Fast shows you where you can optimize performance and decrease load times. Our audits make it easy to spot performance issues. So your users always get the fastest loading pages.

  • Notice deplyoment mistakes

    Don't hurt your websites performance and SEO with a performance bottleneck after a deployment. Up&Fast performs regular checks and notices drops in your website speed before your business is hurt.

  • Define your own tresholds

    We know that each website is different to next one. So we make it possible to define your own performance tresholds. Only get notified when your sites drop below whats acceptable.

Public Status Pages

Show the whole world that your services are reliable (you can decide what information is shown) React to issues if something happens, so your customers know that you are aware and working on a solution!

Detailed Performance Audits

Receive detailed performance audits for all monitored pages so you know where you can improve. The audit history allows you to see how your websites have performed in the past.

Customizable Notifications

You can decide what alerts you want to receive, when they should be sent to you and how you want to receive them. Never miss a downtime or performance issues anymore!

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.

Who is behind Up&Fast?

“I am a bootstrapper and indiehacker by heart. Up&Fast is my way to help other businesses provide reliable and fast website experiences. By using this service you are supporting a small business. Have questions? Feel free to ask me!

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